Our Story

Every homeschooling family has a beginning, and this is ours…

Let me introduce myself. I am Tangie, the wife to a wonderful husband since June 2003, and the mother of two awesome boys who shall affectionately be known as KingdomKid1 and KingdomKid2. KingdomKid1 was born in November 2007, and KingdomKid 2 graced us with his presence in October 2011. We currently reside in sunny South Florida, but are always praying about relocating…anywhere around the globe.

I am a  certified educator, formally with the public school system.  KingdomKid1 attended 2 years of public school until my husband and I decided that we would rather our children receive a God-centered, family-focused education at home.  And just like that, after teaching for 11 years, I became a homeschool mama.  I have never looked back.