Homeschool Convention 2017

My family and I just returned from FPEA’s annual homeschool convention in Florida. As, usual, there were wonderful workshops, lot of vendors, and a great deal of information to process. It was (as I’ve heard it put) a “whirlwind of learning”. I’ve spent the last week reading through all the brochures, pamphlets, order forms, catalogs, informational handouts…you name it. I have to be honest, it can get overwhelming, however the key is to pace yourself. The conference begins on a Thursday and ends on Sunday (for those families with graduating seniors). During our time with other homeschooling families, we fellowship, laugh, and try to navigate our curriculum choices while waiting for the next workshop to begin.

I think the best piece of advice I received my first convention was “don’t buy anything until after you’ve seen everything”. This proved valuable because EVERYTHING you are presented with seems like the BEST thing since sliced a bread. The temptation to purchase at every booth is strong.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much money was wasted on beautiful shiny curriculum that was not a good fit for my children….but you live and you learn.
I have compiled a list of all our favorites from this years convention…
      ABEKA: We are an ABEKA family! I love how their curriculum lays out the instructional “steps” as well as provide supplemental materials, which are optional (and, unfortunately, can be pricey). At the convention, there are several representatives to assist you with curriculum choices and ordering. The huge display is there so that you can look through any subject/grade level you may need. Check them out here.

 #NotConsumed: I attended a workshop titled “TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO LEARN INDEPENDENTLY”. It was an eye opener, as I was hindering my children from becoming more independent learners. In this workshop, we reviewed a reading journal that I absolutely had to have. It is comprised of about 30 lessons that children grades 2-8 can complete independently. It can be used with a read aloud, independent reading, chapters books as well as picture books. There are about 10, totally different, pages that can be used over the course of reading a single book. Gone are the boring book reports or answer sheets. I highly recommend checking out #NotConsumed’s website.

       Christian Light Education: I’ve spoken to many families that really adore this curriculum. I totally fell in love with this Calendar Book. I love that it covers graphing, weather, writing, and counting…and their prices are some of the most affordable around. See for yourself.

     Starfall: I’m sure you have visited It’s an awesome site for young learners. But, did you know they now have a full Math and ELA curriculum (with Science and Social Studies) for grades prekindergarten-kindergarten? Head on over there to check it out.

Others Worth Mentioning:
Clubhouse Magazine (Focus on the Family)
Homeschool Panda

Are there any curriculum choices you’ve made that you would like to share?  Post your recommendations so others can check them out.  And remember…keep homeschooling YOUR way!

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