Make and Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

In our Homeschool, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day…per say. However, I never turn down an opportunity to (1) do a cute craft and (2) tell my family I LOVE them. With a quick Google search (isn’t the Internet AWESOME?!?!) you can find the most adorable, yet easy to accomplish, crafts that will surely delight your little ones as well as your spouse.

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I have composed a short list of easy to do and inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Make a GIANT Heart:
Simply fold a large sheet of construction paper in half and draw half a heart (starting at the folded corner). Cut along the folded line and once opened, you will have a giant heart. It can be decorated by painting, adding stickers, writing sweet messages, or whatever you “heart” desires…see what I did there? Everyone in the family can make a different sized heart. They can by layered and framed to display.

2. Heart Shaped Crayon:
Don’t discard all those broken crayons. You can melt the unwrapped crayon in the microwave (in a microwave safe dish…preferably one that you don’t mind having wax in) or by putting them in canning (Mason) jars and placing the jars in hot water. Once melted, fill heart shaped candy molds. Allow to cool a little and then transfer the molds to the freezer for a few minutes. Pop them out, and voilà…you have a new set of crayons.

3. Valentine Slime:
This one is always a hit with the little ones. Follow you favorite slime making recipe. Place the slime in a plastic baggie and add a little note like… “Please Be My Valen-Slime”. This one is always followed lots of giggles in our house.

4. Apple of My Eye:
Spouses and children alike can appreciate this. Add an apple, apple slices, applesauce, apple butter with crackers, apple flavored lollipop, etc. to your loved one’s Valentines Day lunch with a little note. “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”.

5. For Spouses Only:
When was the last time you sent your spouse a sexy text message or email? What better time than now? #DoIt

6. Chocolate Covered Everything:
Who doesn’t like chocolate? Try melting some dark chocolate chips and covering your favorite fruit or treat. Apples, potato chips strawberries, raisins, Oreos…whatever floats your boat.

These activities don’t have to wait until Feb. 14th. Pull them out any day of the year. Make it fun, make it enjoyable, but most importantly make it MEMORABLE!

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