Take A Break

We are attempting to school year round….and this is our 1st real break since beginning the current school year in July. With all that needs to be done during the holidays, a break is just what the doctor (and this homeschool mama) ordered.

A common mistake that many homeschooling families make is to go, go, go.  There are 365 days in a year….12 months to school. But, come on…everyone knows you don’t need each and every one of them. A break here and there is not only good for the kids, but for the teacher mom as well.  Working too hard for too long can cause children and their teacher-mama to lose focus and stop giving it their all. Our work ethic suffers and this causes “school”  to become unbearable.  Taking time off is the BEST decision. Everyone needs to recharge and the holidays are a great time to do just that. Grandma and cousins come to visit, Christmas shopping must be done, there are parties to attend, food to cook, and presents to wrap. My children definitely are not thinking about school, and doesn’t upset me at all.

Instead, we are doing things like building gingerbread houses or baking brownies (we haven’t decided), watching Christmas movies, and reading holiday themed books as a family.  Is it school….not to us (but please don’t tell them they just might learn a thing or two).  Nothing is really planned.  Whatever we feel like doing, that’s what we will do and that included doing nothing at all.  Trust me, we will all be in better moods in January when we start up again. Now, I’m not going to pretend that getting back into the swing of things will be a bed of roses, after all, I am dealing with a nine and five year old.  However, the resistance won’t be as great as it would be if they got no break at all.

So, tell me…what does your family do when you take time off?




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